Question:  Why should we buy from jitben.com when I have a store nearby?

Answer: Our pricing is lower than those of the city's superstores/physical retailers. It saves you time and helps you avoid compulsive/embarrassing shopping. It's simple to compare products and ship gifts across the country. There is no need to deal with crowds or traffic jams.  We also have a larger collection than a typical corner store. So, there is no reason not to purchase from us. It is entirely up to you, however.


Question: How can I place an order? 

Answer: You may find your desired products by browsing our website (jitben.com.bd) or using a search engine. You may now add the product(s) to your shopping bag by clicking the "Add to Cart" button. You may also place your order directly by clicking the "Buy Now" button. When the check-out page displays, enter your essential contact information and select the delivery area. Please click the "Complete Order" button after selecting a payment method. Our courier will then deliver your order to your home.



Question:  What are the delivery fees?

Answer: The delivery fee across the country is in the table below:

  •  Inside Dhaka: BDT60 Only

  •  Outside Dhaka: BDT120 Only

Note: The delivery fee is subject to change based on the circumstances.


Question: How can I contact you?

Answer:  You can always call 01810198749 (from 9AM to 11PM) or mail us at  support@jitben.com.bd
You can find more information at https://jitben.com.bd/support-policy


Question:  What is the time frame for jitben delivery?

Answer:  We would make every effort to deliver your order inside Dhaka within 24-48 hours. However, outside of Dhaka, the time span can be as long as three days. In terms of product delivery, we must adhere to the "Digital Commerce Operation Guidelines 2021, published by WTO cell, Ministry of Commerce."

Question: How will I know when my order has arrived at my doorstep? 


Answer:  Our courier representative will call you as soon as they are at your doorstep to let you know about your delivery. 

Question:  How do I make a payment?

Answer:  We accept Cash on Delivery (COD). You can make an advance payment with Nagad, bKash, or Visa/Master Cards.

Question:  Do you deliver products/ services in my area?

Answer:  We are currently serving the entire country of Bangladesh.

Question:  The product I need is not here. Ok, but what now?

Answer:  Please feel free to suggest anything new, and we will do our best to accommodate your request by adding it to our inventory. Get in touch with us about your needs using the "Product Request" function. You can always call 01810198749 (from 9AM to 11PM) or mail us at  support@jitben.com.bd

Question: My order is incorrect. What should I do?

Answer:  Please contact us immediately at 01810198760 to report the situation.

Question: What about the prices?

Answer:  We make every effort to keep our prices reasonable and cheaper than those of physical stores. The prices we offer are competitive with the local market, and we are constantly striving to cut them even further! Please let us know if you think the prices of any of our products are unjust.

Question: What is Jitben's refund policy?

Answer:   We offer a refund and return policy in conformity with “Digital Commerce Operation Guidelines 2021” (set by WTO cell, Ministry of Commerce, GoB). For further information, please see our Return and Refund Policy and Terms and Conditions sections in Bengali & English.


Question:  Can I get a refund via cash? 

Answer: No, for any sort of issue, we will update the credit to your jitben account. 

Question:   Can I order over the phone? 

Answer:  Yes. Our hotline is 01810198749.

Question: What is a Virtual Bundle?
Answer: A Virtual Bundle is a product bundle that includes multiple items sold together at a discounted price.

Question: Can I return a single item from a virtual bundle?

Answer: No, if you wish to return any item from a virtual bundle, you will need to return the entire bundle.

Question: Can I get a replacement for a single item from a virtual bundle?
Answer: Yes, if you require a replacement for a specific item, you will need to return that item, and we will arrange for a replacement.

Question: Can I get a refund for a single item from a virtual bundle?
Answer: No, if you request a refund for a single item from a virtual bundle, you will need to return the entire bundle, and the full amount will be refunded.

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